A Good Friend Passed Away!

Today is a terrible day for us since our lovely friend Aykız has passed away owing to her health issues. That’s why I want to leave a memory by mentioning about her journey with us to remember her forever.

To begin with, we adopted her from a family in Ankara, Turkey who was going to move to Belgium and not able to take her to there because they could not handle visa procedures for Aykız in a limited time in August, 2019. She was only 8 months old at that time. Her name, Aykız, is given by her prior family, which basically means ‘Moon Girl’ in Turkish. They gave this name because she was born on a full moon day.


At the beginning, she did not approach very friendly to us, even she was a little aggressive to us. She hid under some objects at home and attacked physically when we got close to her. She made some scary noises to keep us away from herself. But it did not take too much time to get used to each other. After a week, we could stoke her and she was totally okay with this.


Every morning, she meowed in order to get stroked, after that she always wanted to play and run, and then she felt tired and sleep. This was her daily routine, and his favorite toy was rubber band, when I gave her a rubbed band, she never stopped playing with it until breaking it off and pushing it under some furniture in order to hide it from us.

Furthermote, she never liked her vets. When we went to a clinic for her usual vaccinations, she never wanted to get out of her travelling box. After returning from clinic to home, she always hided somewhere and was angry at us but this was temporary, we made peace all the time in a short period.

Eventually, after almost three and a half years, she seemed to be sick. We took her to a vet, and the vet said it could be a serious issue, which shocked us because she was always happy and healthy for a long time. Then, we took her to a better clinic to check everything and we were told that there was a big problem in her kidneys, and this situation is very serious and hopeless. We just could not believe, but it was true. Day by day, she got worser.


After a week of her first day of sickness, she could not resist the situation and we got the devastating news. She fell into her eternal sleep. It is too early to lose her, we are very sorry about this. There is nothing to do or say. We will always remember our memories with Aykız. She was the coolest cat I have ever known.

We will always love and remember you, Aykız.